Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Garden Full Of Birdsong!

I was lucky enough to be working from home recently and looking out of the window on a coffee break I saw a beautiful sight! 

I had heard the birds singing as I worked but when I looked our garden was filled with birds of such a variety of types and sizes, they were so lovely. 

Read more about my happy experience here. It is always worth looking out of the window !  

A Garden Filled With Birds

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We Certainly Have Weather!

There is an old anonomous saying that goes something like this:-

"Wether the weather be fine,
Or wether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold,
Or wether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather , whatever the weather,
Weather we like it or not !"

Yes its a bit of a tongue twister but so has our weather recently. So far this winter we have had no or little snow and it really hasn't been that cold. 

However in the north we had a tidal surge that flooded the city near us and we have had gales and it has rained, rained  and more rain of late. We are also having massive coastal erosion and losing especially in the east coast much of the land and many houses that were built on the coast line. It is devastating for people and some of the wildlife.

The last month has seen the south of England hit hard by gales, waves of over sixty foot high crashing into coastal areas and massive devastating flooding. The flooding has been in some areas like Somerset for over a month now and many peoples homes, farms, businesses and lives are ruined. Wildlife has its losers in this situation as well especially those who rely on freshwater rivers for survival and it is not good for anyone with standing polluted floodwater. The recovery , when it eventually stops raining and the rivers stop breaking their banks, will be long. 

So while I am not wishing to wish our lives away I do say now roll on Spring or at least some dry weather so the areas so badly affected in UK can take stock and recover an rebuild. My thoughts to all affected.