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Friday, 11 September 2015

Why I Bought The Wildlife Gardener Book Twice

This is about The Wildlife Gardener Book by Kate Bradbury. I adore this book! It is all about gardening for wildlife in our gardens. Something I feel we all need to do much more of if we are to help and preserve our diverse and natural wildlife.

As we increasingly build on our countryside, our small or large gardens, even our patios and window boxes,  are going to be more vital than ever to provide food, shelter and habitat for our wildlife. It is so easy to do and helps them so much.    

The Wildlife Gardener: Creating a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies 

 I originally bought this book for a friend as a present and spent the week in between buying it and wrapping it up avidly reading it. In the end I loved it so much and found myself wanting to refer back to it and missing reading it, I had to go and order another one to keep for me!

The photographs are beautiful and for me that is really important in a gardening or wildlife book, especially if it is a gift. It is the sort of book that is a joy to read and you are happy to leave out and pick up any time you like and it simply is a lovely book.

However its not all about good looks and the content is very interesting and inspiring. Interesting as it covers how to bring all manner of wildlife into your garden from birds, bees, insects, hedgehogs, badgers, butterflies and more. It even helps with the basic identification of birds.
Beautiful Butterfly On Flowers
Beautiful Butterfly On Flowers by RaintreeDesigns
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It discusses the type of plants and habitats and how to incorporate them in to an ordinary garden. It is inspiring as though I thought I knew a fair amount about wildlife it goes further and has ideas I had not thought of as well.

If you know someone or are someone who loves gardening and wildlife this is a lovely gift at a very good price. I was proud to hand this over as a present at my friends Birthday party where it was opened and we spent quite a bit of time discussing the book!

I think I like it most as it is a lovely relaxing read incorporating beautiful photographs with real ideas and projects most people can easily incorporate into their own gardens. It feels totally achievable and even on a very cold day makes me feel like to I want to get out there in the garden.

Some ideas For Attracting Pollinating Insects To Our Gardens.

Do You Garden With Wildlife in Mind?

Help The Bees.

It is always a good idea to have some plants that are loved by bees.Our bees are in trouble right now and need all the help they can get.

So do plant flowers that are of an open habit so that they can land and feed, there are so many pretty flowers you can choose.

Bees Are Essential

Wildlife In Our Gardens.

I love to garden and we are in the process of really sorting out our garden once again.

A garden is an ever changing, evolving entity really. Plants grow and change, others die, we decide on a different colour scheme or theme.

We need it more low maintenance, or we decide to grow our own fruit and vegetables for the first time.

Wildlife gardening has become more popular recently as people realise that with the destruction of habitat in the wild many creatures are having to move into our gardens to survive.

However, wildlife does not always find a welcoming place in our sometimes over manicured gardens. Then again we do not wish to have gardens that look like briar patches or full of weeds.

This book can help you to gain that balance between being wildlife friendly and having a lovely garden. It is perfectly possible to have both. 

If you are interested at all in encouraging more butterflies, bees, hedgehogs and birds into your garden this is a very good place to start.

Birds Are Fascinating In The Garden

Wildlife Friendly Garden Ideas.

Take a look at these videos all about gardening with wildlife in mind. Once you get some ideas and guidance it is not that difficult to have a beautiful garden suitable for you and your family and somewhere for the wildlife to visit and maybe set up home. 

Birds, hedgehogs, butterflies and especially bees all need our help now to survive and thrive. Bees are very much in danger and if we lose our bees we are in danger too as they are our main pollinator for our food. 

If every garden incorporated even a small area that is considered wildlife friendly it would make a huge difference. 

A Wildlife Garden in A Suburb Or CIty?

Yes it is perfectly possible to have a very wildlife friendly garden in a city environment or a suburb of a city. Your garden may be smaller but you can still have those elements in it that attract wildlife.

Many relatively small plants such as lavenders and rosemary will be excellent for bees and butterflies and also very good for you as you can use in cooking, for lavender bags and they are also very beautiful.

There are very many flowers which also attract insects, butterflies and bees to your garden and at a very small cost you can easily populate a small city garden or even if you only have a balcony or window box with a feast for the eyes and a haven for wildlife.

I would love to hear about your wildlife gardening experiences. I do read every comment and enjoy hearing from readers.

This book makes such a beautiful gift. Happy Wildlife Gardening!

Here are some comments I received when this was published on another site

RaintreeAnnie profile image

RaintreeAnnie 7 months ago from UK Hub Author
Sandy Thank you for visiting. Yes it is a lovely book, lots of information and beautiful as well. I love to see especially bees and butterflies in my garden and you can have a wildlife garden that looks lovely:)
SandyMertens profile image
SandyMertens 7 months ago from Frozen Tundra Level 2 Commenter
This would be a book that I would love to see as well. Love flower and wildlife gardens.

  • RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 9 months ago from UK Hub Author
@annieangel1 Thank you so much for visiting! Of course I am happy for you to share and pin, I am glad you enjoyed it enough to want to do that :)

annieangel1 profile image
annieangel1 9 months ago from Yorkshire, England
hope you don't mind me pinning and sharing this

TonyPayne profile image
TonyPayne 12 months ago from Southampton, UK
We have foxes that come into our garden most evenings, a hedgehog that we have seen a couple of times, and in the last few months badgers have been using one of our flower beds as a toilet. We haven't seen them yet, but we are planning to buy a motion activated camera so we can video them.

JoanieMRuppel54 profile image
JoanieMRuppel54 14 months ago from Keller, Texas
It's important to consider wildlife in any planting situation, be it a buzzing bee or a black bear! I just saw a squirrel eating my strawberries the other day and we also have a lot of lizards but they seem to stay out of the garden and flowers. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@paulahite: Yes hedgehogs are a real fave of mine :) Thank you so much for including my book review on your Facebook page. I do appreciate that :)

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@Sylvestermouse: I agree it is fascinating to watch wildlife in our gardens, I have passed many fun and interesting hours that way :)

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@nightbear lm: Yes I mostly love to try to attract butterflies, bees, birds and hedgehogs :)

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@Ruthi: I agree beautiful and informative is key to a good gardening/nature book. Wow Black bears! I have no experience of bears at all as I am in UK and we don't have any wild bears anymore. I can see how a plant that would dissuade them from visiting so much would be helpful to you !

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@Diana Wenzel: I hope you enjoy it. It is lovely to create a nature sanctuary and feel the garden come alive with nature.

RaintreeAnnie profile image
RaintreeAnnie 14 months ago from UK Hub Author
@Wednesday-Elf: Yes I love it, even now after reading it cover to cover several times I still dip into it :)

paulahite profile image
paulahite 14 months ago from Virginia
I adore hedgies! Unfortunately, we don't have any here. I shared your book on our Facebook page today.

Sylvestermouse profile image
Sylvestermouse 20 months ago from United States Level 3 Commenter
This sounds like a wonderful book! I love surrounding myself with beautiful flowers and wildlife. I still get excited to see a squirrel eat corn from the corn cob holder/feeder and watching the blue birds nest every year in my blue bird house.

nightbear lm profile image
nightbear lm 20 months ago
The main wildlife in my yard are birds, rabbits, squirrels, that kind of thing. I would love of the kinds you have had, like a hedgehog. How wonderful to have unusual critters around.

Ruthi 20 months ago
I love beautiful books about nature and wildlife, but yes, informative is important too. I am most interested in planting to attract butterflies and birds. However, we are a neighborhood over-run by black bears in our yards and I would like to know what to plant to dissuade them from visiting my yard every day! Now, that's a wildlife book I need.

Diana Wenzel profile image
Diana Wenzel 20 months ago from Colorado
I can tell I would enjoy this book. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. When I lived in Texas, I specifically created a nature sanctuary that would benefit both myself and the creatures who shared that habitat with me. It was a joy. I would like to do the same here in Colorado.

Wednesday-Elf profile image
Wednesday-Elf 20 months ago from Savannah, Georgia Level 2 Commenter
I live in an apartment, so don't have a garden. But I can see the enjoyment one would get from focusing on enticing wildlife to your garden. This sounds like a fascinating book.

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