Friday, 22 November 2013

A Stillness In The Garden

Taking a break from writing and housework I went out into our garden. I pottered around a bit tidying here and there and noticed the bird feeders were nearly empty so filled them. Then I stood still with the sun on my face and noticed how very quiet it was.

Such a delicious, peaceful quietness. The odd quiet short song  of a of a bird., a flapping of wings, a twig snapped but essentially quiet. My little robin friend came down to see me. He arrives on scene usually within five minutes o f me going outside these days. He is taking an educated guess that I may be digging! Not today my little friend. but he hopped over and ate the seeds that had dropped from the feeder instead so I did not disappoint him. You can read more about my little Robin here

Then Although the sun was shining beautifully on my face and head I turned and noticed huge dark clouds . Then I felt the first splat of rain on my skin, heavy, slow, can't be bothered type of rain. I looked around and yes there it was a full arc of a gorgeous rainbow! So pretty with all its colours. It was a stunning yet fleeting sight and the dark clouds rolled over it to obscure it within a minute but I saw it. 

Rain increasing I headed inside. I was so glad I didn't miss all that. Its amazing what you can experience with just a short venture into your own garden :)