Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Friendly Blackbird Visitors In The Spring Garden

We have a visitor and garden companion now. Everytime  we go into the garden within minutes he is there!

Mr Blackbird has taken to making his arrival by swooping down over my shoulder! A fly past, usually pretty close! 

He is a very confident, good looking sleek black bird and he always proceeds to follow me around the garden.

 I think he knows that, especially when I am carrying a spade or fork, that digging is going to take place and an easy lunch for him! 

Lately he has been joined by Mrs Blackbird as well. She is just as brave and now both of them will happily work along side me literally inches from my feet as I go my gardening. I feel like I can reach out and touch those beautiful black glossy feathers but of course I don't.

I am pretty sure they have a nest together but i think it is deep in the hedge so I am not going looking. We should never disturb nests in any way.  I am just happy that there may be baby blackbirds later. 

We are having to be careful though as a couple of days ago I left our back door open and watched with my heart in my mouth as Mr Blackbird bravely walked into our kitchen!!

 I just waited and hoped he would walk out again and thank goodness he did. However now that door is firmly closed at all times ! 

Our garden is a nice welcoming place for birds. They have the hedge, lots of shrubs, a gardener who digs, food, two bird baths  and a variety of plants and cover. We have not ever and would not ever try to tame any of the wildlife but when they chooose to be near you (even when its cupboard love !) it is a blessing. 

So it is lovely to be rewarded with a close encounter with these beautiful birds.  I love it and treasure it.

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