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Friday, 14 August 2015

Reflections On Appreciating A Garden

Sometimes gardening is sheer hard work and there is so much to be done in the garden, in life... 

There is so much emphasis these days on being "busy" like it's always a good thing when it is not always beneficial for us.  
I think it is important to take time out, to take a step back every so often, sit down, take a gentle stroll around your garden and really look at your plants, flowers and trees. 

When you look closely at a garden and really take time to appreciate it a whole new world opens up. It is full of colours, shapes, textures and scents. 

I remember walking around my garden and other gardens with my late Mum and how she appreciated every tiny detail. She helped me to learn to appreciate not just the garden as a whole picture, not just the obvious colours, but the little often overlooked wonderful details.

Mum used to say how stunning and amazing it was that nature could make these colours and shapes and how beautifully they all flow together.

Who would have thought to merge those colours, scents and that form together!  She got the same sense of amazement and wonder walking around her own garden, as some people only do by traveling to exotic locations. 

My Mum was well into her 80's when she died and she had various health issues, yet she never lost her wonder at nature and particularly flowers, trees and birds.

 I will never forget the joy and appreciation in her eyes, how her whole face lit up and the excitement in her voice when she saw a plant she loved. Perhaps a new colour, a new form, something she had not noticed before, or an old favorite. The continuing happiness in any garden, any flower,  brought her even up until she died was lovely to experience...

So now I like to take a moment, appreciate the wonder of nature, breathe and be thankful...

Dedicated to My Mum .... 

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