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Friday, 5 September 2014

Perfect Waterlilies

I wanted to shares some real beauty with you today. 

Not in my own garden today but visiting another, which I find important to do for inspiration and just the joy of appreciation. 

Yesterday we visited a beautiful garden near us. It has a large lake which at this time of year, just on the edge of summer going into autumn,  is filled with gorgeous water lilies.

 There are many types and colours and my all-time favourite is this one with its pristine white petals and a vibrant yellow center. 

We don't have a lake or even a pond in our garden so when I like to see water-loving plants we come to this garden and it is wonderful.

The lake was so serene, just a gentle breeze on a warm day gently rippling the surface of the water with the hazy sunlight dancing sparkling across the waves. It was so relaxing and so lovely. An afternoon off to appreciate the beauty of a waterlily on the lake.... precious moments indeed. 

Do you like water lilies?

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1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful picture! I do love water lilies. Your description of the lake made me feel like I was right there too.