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Sunday, 19 October 2014

As The Leaves Fall...

So we have now in mid-October reached Autumn or Fall. 

I cannot believe how fast this year has progressed. I do love the month of October though as we lose the occasionally fierce heat of summer and cooler weather gently or not so gently sometimes takes over.  

We have had a beautiful warm and sunny summer and a fairly mild September and just now we feel the hint of autumn's influence upon the garden.

I can look out now and see the once-green trees turning into the reds and golds and bronze colours so typical of this time of year. I love these autumnal colours, they are the most wonderful, rich and interesting for the year and so beautiful. All the more so as we know they will not be here very long before winter takes a hold of the landscape. 

The winds are starting to grow stronger now and the trees bow majestically to their great force. The ones that are flexible and gracefully moving with the wind, the survivors in this. Sadly the rigid that brace against the wind, often succumb to its force at this time of year, snapping off the great branches. 

Big leaves start to fall to the ground making a colourful carpet of crunchy, rustling underfoot of a beautiful carpet of colour.

In the high winds some all bunch together and rise high in the air dancing a whirling quickstep, until they fall clustered together. 

The sound these leaves make is a wonderful orchestra of rustling magic.

 I never tire of walking through leaves... 

From a very young child, I would walk through the leaves with my parents, looking at the colours and feeling the stems and leave patterns, learning about nature. It was a special time I now treasure so much. 

Nights are drawing in now and there is no more gardening after dinner. Time to savor what we can during the daytime when I am here. 

Do you love the Autumn or Fall leaves?  

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  1. Oh, I do love swooshing through piles of autumn leaves. Their crunching is like music. Although, I don't care for that winter white that follows the fall of the leaves.

  2. Yes I do treasure Autumn. I have to look a little harder to love Winter, though it has its beauty. I love that crunching through leaves too! Thank you for your visit, I appreciate it.

  3. I do love the leaves. Jumping in piles of leaves is a sweet memory from when the kids were still young and at home.

    1. What a lovely memory Dawn. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing that.