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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Magnificent Magnolias In The Spring Garden

Magnolias are simply beautiful! The tree itself is lovely and provides us with gentle shade in the summer and the blossoms in April and May are stunning.

From the tight buds with the promise of flower in March to the slow reveal during April to opening up to their full beauty, they are a Springtime delight I will never tire of.

 I am lucky enough to have inherited a gorgeous mature magnolia in our garden. It has the most beautiful pale pink and creamy white cup-shaped blossoms.

The blooms are very soft to touch and surprisingly strong. I have seen birds take them away to their nests, no doubt they make a good soft and secure base for eggs.
Now anywhere I go I will if at all possible plant a Magnolia.

Most take several years before flowering but one or two like the Black tulip a deep pink bloom does flower early in their life.

They do not generally like sandy soil or alkaline soil - do not put mushroom mulch on them. Leaf mould is good to mulch with.
Over 20 million years old as a genus they are prehistoric trees and so evolved before bees. So they are pollinated by beetles who live inside the flower blooms. 

The reason that the carpels of the flower blossoms are so strong and tough is to avoid them becoming damaged by the pollinating beetles. 

I never want anyone to cut the Magnolia down and am looking to see if I can get a tree preservation order on it - I am fearful that when we sell our home someone will want the garden space to park their car which in my view would be a disaster.

So many front gardens and beautiful plants and trees have been lost this way.

This time of year our Magnolia is in full bloom and utterly gorgeous.

Magnolia should not be pruned unless necessary and then as lightly as possible. Ideally buy a Magnolia that will fit the space you have when fully grown. If you have to prune then take out dead and dying wood and prune after flowering as lightly as you can doing it over several years rather than a harsh cut. 
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