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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Robin Garden Visitor

Look at this little Robin. When I was out gardening on Sunday he was with me all the time. 
He flew down about fifteen minutes after I started clearing away some branches and sat on the fence for awhile.

Then after hubby had done some digging and I was lightly raking over the soil and clearing weeds, he came right down onto the soil about a foot away from me.
I was crouched down at the time clearing around a shrub and stayed very still and he hopped around finding food coming up really close to me. I could have easily reached out and touched him.

He was so pretty with his red markings. I dare not move for fear of startling him. He knew I was there and this little bird looked straight at me curious but not frightened. I was totally in awe of being so very close to this little wild bird.

However, I needn't have worried as when I did finally have to move ( I was getting cramp!) he just stayed very calm and sat there looking at me.
I think he knew he was onto a very good thing if these people were digging and raking the soil revealing food!

He is a courageous little robin and I think he is here to stay!

Hubby managed to go grab our camera and take these photographs of him.

I am sure so many of you have seen Robins this close, they are well known in many gardens,  but it was a special moment for me.
I love having bird visitors and this was just a lovely experience. A special moment in time with the wildlife in our garden. 

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