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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Wonderful Autumn Experiences Of Nature

Wrapped up warm and cosy, walking with my hubby through the countryside near us, what could be better.
 I just adore Autumn, everything seems to slow down, become more mellow, softer, and we are treated to a spectacular show of colour. Reds, greens and golds dominate the landscape. I love walking through fallen leaves, crisp and crunchy underfoot. Glorious in their falling from the skies, a carpet of rich colour. Memories of childhood games and crafts collecting the leaves to make wonderful pictures.

The skies here are often amazing. Being nearer the sea and flatter in this part of the country, we are treated to gorgeous sunsets and dramatic storm clouds scattered across the sky. Morning mists hanging heavy, slowly giving way to a glimpse of sunlight breaking through. When the sun is out everything takes on a golden sheen which bathes the trees, houses and fields in a warm comforting glow.

Wearing warm sweaters and woolly hats, a walk in the countryside at this time of year on a bright day is stunning. Everywhere is laden with the fruits of each plants labour. We picked up beautiful bronzed conkers! White snow berries are hanging low on branches. Beautiful bright red berries glisten and the thud of chestnuts fall heavy on the ground.

Rainy days are for splashing about in puddles in wellies or cuddling up in front of the fire, watching the raindrops hitting the window panes and if heavy, listening to the thundering on the roof. 
Wildlife getting ready for winter, scurrying around finding food to store and shelter to rest in when the weather turns really cold. We do the same, preparing for winter, bringing in our garden furniture, a sigh that it won't be needed again until late spring but also enjoying the beauty of this Fall time.

We are so lucky to have the change of seasons here but while many bemoan the passing of what was a rare and glorious summer this year, I love to appreciate Autumns treasures too.

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