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Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you all A Lovely Christmas time and a very happy and healthy New Year !

Wow it is windy and rainy and cold today! In all the hectic ness of getting ready for Christmas it is important to spare a thought for the wildlife for whom this time of year  can be rough.  We try to keep our bird feeders topped up and the water in the Birdbath and other water trays clean and free of debris. 

If you have log piles  stacked in your garden in a quiet spot they will already be great winter habitats for  small insects and other creatures.

We have just had the winter solstice and the shortest day and although  we are truly in winter now the hours of daylight are very slowly starting to lengthen. A long way off spring yet and yes colder weather to come but we start the upturn in daylight hours now :) 
There is not much for us to do in the garden anymore so now is the time I love to settle in with a nice mug of tea or mulled wine,  some gardening books and magazines and dream away about the plants and plans for the garden year ahead:)

If you are celebrating it Enjoy a wonderful Christmas :)

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