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Monday, 6 January 2014

Signs Of Life In The Depths Of Winter.

Even though we are in early January, walking around our garden today I can see signs of life. Winter is well and truly here and bare branches are everywhere on the trees but look closely, look for longer and you can see the promise...


This year so far we have not had snow just fierce winds and storms and rain and tidal surges but no snow so its easier to see the tiny signs. 

The elephant's ears are starting to bloom one is out in full pink bloom a welcome sight on a cold dull day. 

There are a few shoots peeping up from the bulbs I planted in the autumn. The Camillia is laden quite heavy with tightly closed buds I sense waiting for warmer weather and is doing very well despite being somewhat battered by the destructive winds we have had.

 Our large Magnolia from a distance looks in the depths of winter but upon closer inspection, I can see the buds all there just waiting to bide their time before they burst forth in gorgeous creamy white blossom.

Oh yes, it's cold and rainy and windy and still gets dark early but the hours of daylight are lengthening each day and each day we creep slowly closer to spring. There is much to celebrate in winter but now and again I need to know that nature is preparing for the better weather ahead and today I saw that. 

Stay warm, keep healthy and now and again take a look for signs of new life in your garden.   

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