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Friday, 7 November 2014

Do You Have a Bird Bath In Your Garden?

I wonder how many of us see a birdbath as an essential item in the garden? 

I know many of my neighbours do not have one yet and even though they feed the birds and some put up nest boxes and allow hedges to grow they do not see the need for a birdbath.

However I feel that it is an essential item in any garden, be it a wild one or not. 

When we got ours a few years ago I had no idea how much it would be used! 

It took a few days but it wasn't long before we had a lot of inquisitive visitors and took them no time at all to be drinking and bathing :)  We have ours on our patio close to the house but they do not seem to mind this at all and it gives us a close view of them.


It is essential for birds to be able to drink and to be able to bathe and preen their feathers, their very lives depend upon it. So a clean safe source of water is of vital importance to them.

All year round they use our birdbath. Just yesterday when I was talking to a friend on Facebook there were twenty birds all jostling for a space in the bath! I am seriously considering getting a second birdbath! 

In Spring it is in constant use from first light. There is much bathing and preening going on. In summer I think they find it a respite from the heat, as many seem to simply sit in the water for quite a long time. I am often replacing the water at this time of year to keep it clean and fresh.

In Autumn and Winter, the baths are certainly shorter but they still visit -usually early morning and just before dusk.  
We have many different bird species visiting depending on the time of year, but the most regular ones are the sparrows who visit in small flocks and flutter about quite prettily in the water, while others seem to be keeping a lookout. 

Then the blackbirds who especially the males seem to like to bathe alone and chase off any others! We have two doves who are residents of the area who come and so sweet they often bathe together... so romantic! 

Then we have the big wood pigeons who always come every day and so huge when they bathe they displace nearly all the water!   

Occasionally we have our migrant birds and more exotic visitors who find our birdbath and partake for a drink and a bathe which is lovely to watch. 

So for very little effort and time and only the cost of a birdbath we can really help these birds with a safe, clean source of water so vital to them. In return, we get an amazing show and insight into their lives and it does attract more birds to your garden regardless of what else you do.

Birdbaths vary enormously in styles and prices so it really is what you want in your garden and how much or little you want to spend. There is a birdbath for pretty much any style of garden and almost any budget. 

From simple birdbaths to stylish,  hanging birdbaths, glazed or solar and even heated. I have included a few here to give an idea and if you like any of them or if you wish to explore more you can simply click through any of the links to search for more. I especially love the heated ones and solar ones.


A simple birdbath helps so many birds. Do you have one in your garden? 

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  1. Oh, how you have me missing my bird baths and bird feeders I used to have in my yard! I am afraid to have them where I now live as the neighbors who do just have them destroyed by the bears. Unfortunately, I am doing all I can to make my yard not-bear-friendly.