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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Woodpigeons Eating Berries In Abundance !

Berries Abound In Abundance! 

Berries abound on the Cotoneaster and in the hedgerow. I wonder as there are so many berries what the winter will be like.

 It is often said around here that if there are many berries that it will be a severe winter.

 I don't know about that. It is perhaps that we had such a good spring and summer and the trees and shrubs produced more berries.

 I guess only time will tell as we go through winter. 

The birds have started to notice the berries now and are eating a few already as they ripen.

Many birds visit for the berries. In particular large pigeons sit on our garage roof savoring the tasty berries. Often they will simply sit in the Cotoneaster eating berries within their reach! Our visiting Woodpigeons are looking quite plump now!

Of course, birds are one of the main distributors of berries and it works well. The birds get their food and the berries get distributed far and wide and of those that land on the favorable ground, some will grow. 

We know how well it works as in the Spring quite often I find new young plants growing up in places I certainly did not plant them.  Sometimes it is a very nice surprise and we get a brand new plant for free! 

Other plants start to close down for winter, they will not flower again until the spring or summer. They conserve their energy now. It is beginning to be the time of the berries.

A quietness is in the garden at the moment.

The birds sing but it is not the frantic activity of Spring. It is quieter, calmer they need all their energy for the cold, harsh time to come. 

They spend time looking for food and I see them resting in the hedgerow and eating what they find.

 Such is the time of Autumn...

Do you find the birds eating berries in your garden?

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