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Friday, 19 December 2014

Do You Love Winter?

While it has to be said that Winter is not my favourite time of year there is a special magic about it that I find I love...

The flowers are largely gone and many of the trees have lost their leaves and it can all look a little bleak.

However, if you look closer you start to notice the tree bark on its trunk and branches. Usually, we do not notice it so much, the leaves and blossoms take centre stage most of the year and the bark plays only a supporting role. 

However, now if we take the time to look, we see the beautiful intricate contours on its trunk, the different colours and the often lacey pattern the bare branches make against a clear winter sky.

The winter berries shine out red and glistening in a winter frost, providing a beautiful and powerful splash of colour just when we most need it most. 

Of course the holly berries are wonderful and the cotoneaster, if they have not all already been eaten by the birds! 

In some trees such as the Magnolia you can, just look closely again, see the buds forming all ready to burst forth in Spring. they are all there ready, just protected for now and waiting for the right time.  

It can be a great time for birdwatching. Feed the birds, give them fresh clean water and watch them frequent your garden. Hours of enjoyment from the comfort of your armchair!

If it does snow then, although it can be a pain to travel in,  it can also be very magical, beautiful and you get to see the prints of the animals and birds that frequent your garden. 

Yes I have to work harder to find things to really love about winter but it still gives me much to enjoy in nature and in my life.

I love bright sunny cold winter walks all wrapped up in gloves, hat and scarf and my red winter coat. 

Often country walks are quieter at this time and I love to see the birds and animals, take in the winter scenes and get some good fresh air.   

Of course part of what I do love about winter is coming back from those winter walks, getting all warm and cosy inside with a nice mug of hot chocolate, into my PJs in front of a roaring fire with comforting low lights and candles and just being cosy!

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On this page is a detailed look at why I Love Winter 

Do you love winter, do you like getting out and about, can you find some things to enjoy about it? 

Or do you prefer like some of our garden friends to hibernate until it's all over! 

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