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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Our Curious Squirrel Visitor

Look at this little guy! He is adorable and he visited our garden.

 It's getting cold here now and I think this little one was looking to increase his store of food before the real winter sets in and thought our garden may have some hidden treasures no other squirrel had found. 

He is a grey squirrel, not native to the UK but originally from America and certainly successful in colonising many areas and finding opportunities for food and shelter. 

Our native squirrel is a Red Squirrel, smaller and much more reddish in colour than a Grey Squirrel,  but we do not see those anymore here, the nearest to us are in Northumberland and Scotland.

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We don't very often get squirrels in our garden, they seem to prefer the woodland nearby and the cemetery where there are huge mature trees with a good supply of nuts. This one however decided to try his luck. 


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We do not encourage squirrels, mainly because there are a number of houses here and if a squirrel took up residence in a loft space and started chewing through any electrical wiring there could be a disaster for many homes! So if they visit, they do, but we do not feed them deliberately.  Still, it is lovely to see them visit occasionally.

Well, this guy or gal (I am not sure) took a good look around. He was not very afraid of me and seemed very curious, foraging for a while near me then looking directly at me as I stood really still. He seemed to almost  "pose" for a few photos before he dashed off at great speed again flicking his tail and scampering away to the big trees...

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It was a lovely half hour he stayed and I was freezing cold, not having anticipated being out that long with my camera, but it was all good and I am thawing out now :) 

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I even made a few gifts with squirrels photos which I hope you enjoy. 

I have a feeling this little guy may be featuring on more designs if people like him :)

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