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Friday, 15 April 2016

Spiders How Do You feel About Them?

Spiders, how do people feel about them I wonder... do you love them or hate them or fear them?

I struggle with spiders. I love nature and all animals, birds and bugs but I do have a problem with spiders. For some reason I just cannot get on with them. It didn't come from my parents as neither of them were bothered in the slightest by spiders.

I think it may all stem from an incident when I was five years old when a massive black thick legged spider fell on me from the ceiling into my bath- what a shock! What was that !! I never moved so fast! Anyway since that day I was afraid of them.

However no matter how I felt there was no way I could kill a spider or let anyone else kill a spider. So from that day all seen spiders had to be carefully and gently caught and taken outside to a nice safe place in the garden.

It's a phobia and can be overcome and after making a concerted effort to face my phobia these days I am a little better -well a lot better- with spiders and can even catch and release little ones myself. However the big ones I still cannot live with or handle. I am working on it!

I admire spiders and they are an intricate and essential part of nature. I love the intricate webs you can see with the dew drops or frost highlighting them. Some webs are simply beautiful to look at.  I can totally appreciate them as a part of nature...

We have so many spiders of all varieties in our garden. I see them there all the time and outside they do not worry me at all.

I am perfectly happy with spiders of any size and shape if they are outside in the garden or in the countryside but not so much if they are in my home! I do appreciate them, I just have to work a bit harder to love them.

So how about you, do you live happily with spiders or do you struggle with them? 

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