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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Birds Fill Our Garden!

Today I looked out of the window close to my work desk and noticed that our garden was filled with birds! 

I had heard their calls but was still surprised to see so many. They have been a bit quiet during the bad weather we have had. 

Today they were suddenly everywhere - small ones flying and flitting around, woodpigeons and doves feeding on the ground, long tailed tits, a robin and sparrows on every single one of the feeders, blackbirds kicking up the leaves to find food beneath.

The bird bath in constant use! The hedge and garden was alive with wonderful birds! No doubt they have come in to find food and water and by their behaviour maybe looking for nest sites...

I saw a few birds eyeing up and testing out nesting materials, lifting up the long slender twigs, picking up bits of fluff. Also a few squabbles, maybe over potential good nest sites.. 

I saw a couple of sparrows checking out the eaves of our home going in and out and seeing off other birds.

 Another couple seemed warily interested in the nest box I put up last autumn. However mainly they were feeding and singing. So beautiful to hear them sing! 

After watching for a while a small flock of sparrows came down to bathe in the birdbath! They were so cute splashing around, getting feathers all clean, sharing the bath most happily. 

Then a huge pigeon came to bathe, more sedate this time but he displaced much of the water in the bath with just a few dips and shakes. So I had to go fill it up again. 

It was so wonderful hearing them sing and watching them so active today. 

We have had terrible stormy gale-force winds and lashing rain for many days and nights on and off over the past few weeks that kept us awake, blew our fence down and howling around the houses and gardens.

I wondered where the birds went to shelter from such powerful weather. 

Today the sun is shining and it is relatively warm and very calm and peaceful for this time of year. 

To see the birds and so many of them out today gave me hope that they are surviving.
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