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Friday, 8 January 2016

Springtime Flower Photographs!

I just wanted to share these springtime photographs with you. 

The weather here is grey and dismal and has rained, rained, rained for days. It feels like weeks with little sunshine. The hours of daylight are increasing gradually, but it is still dark early.

This photograph was taken last year and I just love the life and colours and the beauty of the flowers on a lovely warm day.

I can even recall how relaxed I felt, the fresh air, the scent of all the flowers, the gentle touch of the leaves and the rippling movement of the water- safely in the lake- from a light breeze. Amazing how a photo can evoke such memories and feelings.

I do like to live in the moment and appreciate all of the days whatever they bring, when they are here, as they will not come again. 

There is much beauty to be found in winter too. Today though I just needed to have the experience and memory of the spring colours! 

So these photos are just a wonderful memory and reminder of things to come, which they will. Times of warmer, brighter, lighter days while we still appreciate what we have today.

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