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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Gathering Storm

You can feel the presence of a gathering storm. It hangs heavy on the air.

This photo was taken while hubby and I were out walking in the countryside and it was so weird that to the left of us were clear such bright blue skies and to the right were these deep dark rolling gloomy storm clouds. It felt that it could go either way.

The air became very still and the animals around went to shelter. The deer in the far distance huddled closer together. They looked agitated. No birds sang. We were out in the open in the middle of a huge field. For us too we knew, some deep instinct within that we needed to find shelter and soon. We headed off to find it.

A few minutes later the wind picked up wild and blustery and trying to tear our coats off. We clung onto our hats! The air was heavy and damp as we walked quickly to find the cosy warm cafe we had passed on the way here. There was an air of anticipation, of something so much bigger than us.

Upon reaching the cafe literally within seconds we looked out and saw the splat of that heavy wet rain on the window pane. Heavy, lazy, big drops of splattery rain, the sort that just goes right through you. 

The wind howled around the little cafe and rattled the old window panes, cold draughts finding their way though the cracks. The waitress greeted us in typically understated fashion for these parts, "bit breezy out ?" We sat in comfort drinking hot chocolate watching the rain, glad and grateful to be dry, cosy and warm.

Within an hour the clouds blew over, the wind died down, the heavy biting rain turned to showers and the animals relaxed again.

Birds started to sing. A short brief experience. No thunder or lightning this time just a normal undramatic rainstorm, clearly nothing on the scale suffered in some countries and areas and no devastation or flooding.

Yet nature at work, ordinary yet extraordinary, remarkable yet unremarkable.
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