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Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Mysterious Owl

The Mysterious Owl.

I love many aspects of nature and there are some creatures that although I hear them around I do not see them and cannot get close to them. One of these is the Owl.

 So when I visited an event where there was an owl and Hawk display and an opportunity to hold a tame owl I jumped at the chance!

I was honoured to be able to hold this beauty. I had to put on thick heavy gloves and hold my arm at right angles positioned by the handler until I got it just right. Then they transferred her over to me.

She was happy to sit upon my arm and I was glad of the gloves as those claws are big and sharp! Her feathers are so rich and beautiful. She was heavy and self-assured, taking everything in. I immediately felt her presence, her confidence.

The handler was telling me all kinds of facts about her but you know I seemed to phase it all out. I was so in the moment with that owl, just being there with her, feeling the power, the grace, the beauty.

Her eyes were completely hypnotic and if I were prey I can easily see how I would be stunned into gazing into those eyes. I could feel my heart beating fast as I held her. 

She was quite lively and kept trying to catch my hair which was blowing in the breeze in her direction.

It was a moment in time, a special few minutes with a gorgeous creature that I will always treasure.

Walking around later I got to talking with an elderly lady and when I said how much I was in awe of that owl she told me she didn't like owls. 

When I asked why she said that she was looking at one once and it stared back and she was so hypnotized she fell over! 

It was so funny! However, she was so serious I had to try hard not to laugh. I will never forget the look on her face, she was such a sweet person. To each his or her own.

I will continue to adore owls and marvel at the beautiful birds of prey they are. I do hear them at night occasionally now but have not seen one in my garden for years.

The guy told me that our native owls are in decline in UK in the wild, mainly due to people driving at night fast and killing them as they fly low. 

The other reason of course is the old problem of loss of habitat and prey as we build on more and more of their land.

So we need to appreciate our wildlife and be careful about them. We do not want to lose these beautiful hypnotic creatures in our world. 

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